Dualing Scripts for ‘G.I. Joe’ Movie

It’s so hard to surf the web to keep up with new stuff while I’m at work, but here is more info on a cartoon franchise turned movie. A GI Joe concept has been floating around for a little while but it hasn’t had much momentum to get off the ground.

IESB gives a more in-depth account on whats been going on. Here’s my short hand version.
A few weeks ago, there was a bad review given, on Latino Review, to the newest script for the Joe movie. As it turns out, the script, which is an origin story written by Skip Woods, wasn’t even a completed first draft. Even more interesting, writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett were hired by Paramount to write the script a few years ago, and their version, more of a straight adaptation, was given a great review. That brings us to now. Woods is finishing his first draft and the writing duo has been asked to submit a third draft of their version. I guess Paramount will just decide from there.

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