Review: Hot Fuzz

Writing duo Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, who is also the films director, are back after their last big outing together, Shaun of the Dead. After seeing Shaun of the Dead, and loving it, I had high hopes going into this film. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Hot Fuzz follows PC Nicholas Angel(Pegg), a hot, shot member of the Met Police. He does everything better than anyone on the force, however it doesn’t make him too popular. So, he’s shipped off to town in the country, to be their new Sgt., and far enough away from the Met. Police so he can’t make everyone else look bad anymore. He’s not happy with the idea, but he doesn’t get a say in the matter. Once there, he quickly finds out the other cops don’t really have his approach to the job. He does manage to befriend at least of of the other officers, though, PC Danny Butterman(Nick Frost). Slowly he starts to unravel something much bigger than anyone else has been able to notice.

Peck and Frost work so well together and it’s great to see them at it again, Frost was also in Shaun of the Dead. The both have such a great presence and watching them play off of each other is a real treat. A few of the bigger names include Bill Nighy, Timothy Dalton, and Jim Broadbent. It’s really hard to pick out anyone to praise because they all do a terrific job, but I do want to bring up Dalton. He was not only funny, but also creepy the role of Simon Skinner. Stellar cast all around. There are even a few uncredited cameos that I didn’t notice during the movie. Maybe you can figure them out.

I can’t stress enough, these guys know how to make good movies. It is definitely on par with the amount of humor in Shaun of the Dead just in a different genre. And for those big action movie buffs, you’re sure to find a lot of familiar and fun things to like about it well.

This is a must see.

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